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K. Hobilova street, 64,
Gafurov, Sogd region,
Republic of Tajikistan  

LLC "Grain Company"

Established in 2007, Grain Company LLC advanced technology to develop high-quality food products and provide consumers with affordable, great tasting food at the best price... Our experts combine successful foreign experience with local knowledge and traditions, resulting in healthy products for every family.

Grain Company supplies and processes grain, creating essential goods such as flour, pasta, and bakery products. In addition, Grain Company produces and supplies other agricultural products for families and businesses alike.


Conveniently located near the train station in Khujand, Tajikistan, Grain Company has positioned itself to receive CIS wagons and product shipments all year. Products are delivered throughout Tajikistan and beyond by road and rail. Grain Company’s warehouses are equipped with special mechanisms for loading, unloading and storage of grain.